PPSC Latest Jobs Advertisement No. 02/2024: Apply Online Now

PPSC Latest Jobs Advertisement No. 02/2024: Are you seeking exciting career opportunities in Punjab, Pakistan? Look no further! The Punjab Government’s various departments are offering a multitude of positions across different fields, including education, healthcare, engineering, and administration. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, there are vacancies tailored to your qualifications and expertise. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the diverse array of job openings, eligibility criteria, and application procedures, ensuring you’re well-equipped to pursue your dream job.

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PPSC Latest Jobs Advertisement No. 02/2024

Current PPSC Openings are the jobs that are open to apply. Here is the list of current offering by PPSC. Don’t wait for closing date, view the advertisment and apply now.


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Punjab Special Education Department

Audiomatrist (BS-16)

Join the Punjab Special Education Department as an Audiomatrist on a contract basis for five years. The position requires a Master’s degree or BS (Hons.) in Audiology or equivalent qualification recognized by the Higher Education Commission. As an Audiomatrist, you’ll be responsible for conducting assessments and providing interventions for individuals with hearing impairments. The selection process involves a written examination covering qualification-related questions and general ability topics such as General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, and English.

Senior Special Education Teacher (BS-17)

Passionate about making a difference in the lives of mentally challenged individuals? Consider applying for the role of Senior Special Education Teacher in the mentally challenged field. Candidates with an M.A or BS in Special Education are eligible to apply. This position entails teaching and administrative responsibilities, with an emphasis on creating inclusive learning environments. The selection process includes a written examination assessing qualification-related knowledge and general ability.

Revenue Department, Jhelum

Junior Clerk (BS-11)

Are you proficient in clerical tasks and seeking a rewarding career in the public sector? The Revenue Department, Jhelum, is hiring Junior Clerks on a regular basis. Candidates must hold a Higher Secondary School Certificate and demonstrate typing proficiency. The written examination comprises questions on general ability and computer skills, followed by typing and proficiency tests for qualified candidates.

Headmaster/Headmistress (BS-18)

Lead the way in special education as a Headmaster or Headmistress specializing in the physically handicapped field. This contractual position requires candidates with extensive teaching or administrative experience in special education. With opportunities for professional growth and impact, this role offers a chance to shape the future of inclusive education in Punjab.

Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department, Faisalabad

Assistant Director (Engg.) (BS-17)

Are you a skilled engineer looking to contribute to urban development projects? The Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department, Faisalabad, is recruiting Assistant Directors (Engg.) on a contract basis. Candidates with a B.Sc. in Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering and registration with the Pakistan Engineering Council are encouraged to apply. This role involves project management and coordination to ensure the efficient execution of engineering initiatives.

Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department

Assistant Professor, Paediatric Neurosurgery (BS-18)

Take your medical career to new heights by joining Punjab’s prestigious medical institutions as an Assistant Professor in Paediatric Neurosurgery. This regular position requires candidates with advanced qualifications in paediatric neurosurgery and practical experience in the field. With opportunities for research, teaching, and clinical practice, this role offers a platform to make significant contributions to paediatric healthcare.

Labour & Human Resource Department

Labour Officer (BS-16)

Become a pivotal figure in labour welfare and regulation as a Labour Officer in Punjab. This regular position involves monitoring and enforcing labour laws to ensure fair treatment and working conditions for employees across various industries. Candidates with a graduate degree are eligible to apply, with the selection process including a written examination covering general ability topics and relevant legislation.

Labour Inspector (BS-14)

Play a vital role in promoting labour rights and compliance as a Labour Inspector. This regular position requires candidates to conduct inspections, investigate complaints, and educate employers and workers on labour laws. With opportunities for fieldwork and advocacy, this role offers a chance to champion social justice and equality in the workplace.

Punjab Treaty Implementation Cell

Personal Assistant (BS-16)

Provide crucial administrative support to government officials as a Personal Assistant in the Punjab Treaty Implementation Cell. This contractual position requires candidates with shorthand and typing proficiency, along with proficiency in MS Office. With opportunities for professional development and networking, this role offers exposure to international relations and diplomacy.


The Punjab Government’s various departments offer a plethora of job opportunities across diverse fields, catering to individuals with different qualifications and aspirations. Whether you’re passionate about education, healthcare, engineering, or administration, there’s a role for you in Punjab’s public sector. Don’t miss out on the chance to make a meaningful impact and advance your career while serving the community. Apply now and embark on a rewarding journey with the Punjab Government!

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