PPSC Lecturer Jobs (BS-17-18): Apply now Advertisment no. 30/2023


PPSC Lecturer Jobs (BS-17-18): The Punjab Higher Education Department has announced enticing opportunities for qualified individuals to contribute to the growth of commerce education. The advertised positions, including Senior Instructor/Assistant Professor (BS-18) and Instructor/Lecturer (BS-17), present a gateway for passionate educators to make a lasting impact.

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PPSC Advertisement No.30

Current PPSC Openings are the jobs that are open to apply. Here is the list of current offering by PPSC. Don’t wait for closing date, view the advertisment and apply now.

UPDATED ON :   Wednesday, 20 DECEMBER 2023

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Senior Instructor/Assistant Professor Positions

Qualification Requirements

The Senior Instructor/Assistant Professor roles seek individuals with a Ph.D. or equivalent qualification, emphasizing three years’ experience in teaching, research, or relevant fields. Alternatively, candidates with an M. Phil or Master’s degree in the relevant subject, coupled with substantial experience, are also eligible. The experience after the prescribed qualification will be duly considered.

Syllabus for Written Examination

Prospective candidates should prepare for a comprehensive MCQ-type written test covering 80% qualification-related questions and 20% general ability, including subjects like General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, and more.

Age Relaxation

Applicants falling within the age range of 25 to 35, with additional general age relaxation of 5 years, can apply. Special provisions are made for disabled individuals, allowing for a significant age extension of up to 15 years.

PPSC Lecturer Jobs

Diverse Opportunities in Commerce and Beyond

The Instructor/Lecturer positions, spanning various subjects such as English, Urdu, Islamiat, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Commerce, English Shorthand, and Computer Science/I.T., offer a wide array of opportunities for qualified candidates.

Qualification Criteria

Candidates with a Master’s degree in the relevant subject are eligible for most positions, with specific requirements for the Commerce subject. English Shorthand instructors, for instance, need a Master’s degree in any discipline, coupled with a diploma in Commerce with English Shorthand as a subject.

Written Examination Structure

Similar to the Senior Instructor positions, the written examination for Instructor/Lecturer roles follows an MCQ format, emphasizing qualification-related questions and general ability components.

Age Criteria and Relaxation

The age criteria for Instructor/Lecturer positions range from 21 to 28, with a 5-year general age relaxation. Disabled individuals enjoy a substantial 15-year age extension, providing an inclusive environment for all qualified candidates.

Junior Clerk Positions in Revenue Department, Bahawalnagar

Essential Qualifications and Skills

For the Junior Clerk position (BS-11), candidates need a Higher Secondary School Certificate with proficiency in typing (25 Words Per Minute) and proficiency in Microsoft Office or compatible applications.

Syllabus for Written Examination

The written test for Junior Clerk positions comprises questions on general ability, including General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, and specific queries related to M.S. Office and computer skills.

Age and Gender Requirements

Male and female candidates from Bahawalnagar, aged 18 to 25 (with respective age relaxations), are eligible for these positions. Transgender applicants’ age and sex are determined based on their CNIC.

Welfare Officer Position in Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sargodha

Qualifications and Experience

The Welfare Officer position (BS-17) mandates a Master’s degree in Sociology or Social Work with one year of practical experience in the relevant field. Practical experience post-qualification is a key consideration.

Syllabus for Written Examination

The written examination for Welfare Officer positions includes qualification-related questions (80%) and general ability components (20%), covering a range of subjects.

Age, Gender, and Domicile Criteria

Male, female, and transgender candidates across Punjab, aged 22 to 40, are eligible for this position. The domicile requirement is across the entire province.


These advertised positions in Punjab’s education and revenue sectors offer an incredible opportunity for qualified individuals to contribute to the growth and development of the region. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to thoroughly prepare for the upcoming written examinations and ensure compliance with the age and qualification criteria.

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